One Mighty VR Headset for all your Healthcare needs.

The Mighty Clinical VR Kit is a complete, plug-and-play VR system for healthcare. The kit has been built from the ground up to provide unparalleled procedural support, pain management, physical therapy, and entertainment for patients of all ages in any healthcare setting.


Healthcare Ready Hardware

The Mighty Clinical VR Kit hardware is infection control compliant, containing customized hardware for the healthcare environment, including:

  • Lenovo Mirage Solo VR Headset

  • Bionik VR Headphones

  • Wipeable Carrying Case

Specialized Software

Our VR software meets the needs of care providers throughout the healthcare system. Anesthesiologists in the OR, Child Life Specialists in periop, Nurses in the ED, and Therapists in external clinics have all benefited from using our tools with their patients.


Mighty Companion App

The Mighty Companion App allows providers to control a VR headset from their tablet or phone. When controlling the VR headset, providers can see what the user is currently experiencing and decide which content to play on the headset.

The ability to control the VR headset from a second device makes using VR with patients easy and fun. By seeing what patients see, care providers can always be sure they’re providing the optimal health-focused VR experience.


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