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Our VR software has been used by thousands of patients in over 200 hospitals around the world. Our large library of content covers a wide variety of use cases, ensuring you have the right VR experience for your patient, no matter the situation.


Procedural Support

Distraction therapy has been proven to reduce pain and anxiety in the clinical setting. By redirecting a patient’s attention, patients experience less anxiety and perceive less pain.

Mighty Immersion VR distraction/procedural support tools are built for the clinical setting, offering easy-to-use distraction that can be adapted to a wide variety of use cases, including vascular access, wound care, and minor surgeries.


Relaxation and mindfulness applications offer patients the opportunity to escape their current environment and learn coping tools for managing pain and anxiety.

These apps are often used on in-patient floors, during therapy sessions, and to ease any down-time.


Patient/Staff Education

Immersive education improves the learning process for patients and medical staff. With VR, patients can visualize their journey through the healthcare process, improving compliance and reducing anxiety; and medical staff can simulate and train for hard to reproduce situations.

Our Edu Platform allows hospitals to easily create their own VR preparation content for their patients, which can be viewed whenever you provide other educational materials.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy VR applications motivate patients to reach PT goals faster. Through gamification and positive feedback, these applications improve recovery times and the PT/OT patient experience.

These apps are often used for in-patient recovery and at external rehab clinics.



VR can provide a much needed escape from the hospital setting, allowing patients to immerse themselves in new worlds and find therapeutic moments of joy and comfort.

Patients and families enjoy these apps during any down-time in the hospital.


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